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The Gay Agenda, HIV/AIDS, and Marriage Equality

Today I am sharing a terrific post by Michael Bronski who explains the role HIV/AIDS played in the same-sex marriage movement in the United States: http://notchesblog.com/2016/06/14/the-curious-connections-between-marriage-equality-and-hivaids/#more-8402 As a point of interest, lesbians, who continue to lose custody of their children on the grounds that their sexual orientation makes them unfit mothers, called for changes in family law well before HIV/AIDS became an American epidemic. Only once the legal benefits marriage conferred interested … Continue reading The Gay Agenda, HIV/AIDS, and Marriage Equality

#IWD2016, The Outlaws to Inlaws Version

It’s International Women’s Day today, and in celebration of that fact I am sharing the cover of one of the earliest issues of the radical feminist newspaper off our backs. The image of a bride laying in a coffin pretty much sums up what radical feminism was about: killing off patriarchy and rebuilding society based on who women really were, not what patriarchy, and it’s … Continue reading #IWD2016, The Outlaws to Inlaws Version

Kate Millet

The “Sex” In Sexual Revolution

One of the best things about coming out as a lesbian in 1989 was that for the first time in my life wanting and having sex was a positive, not a negative, value. As a teenager I thoroughly enjoyed heterosexual sex, but I struggled with deeply internalized Christian values that held me a sinner of the worst kind, and was subject to the cruel and … Continue reading The “Sex” In Sexual Revolution

What will the future bring?

We are now approaching that annual ritual when many of us reflect upon the year behind us and anticipate the one to come. We scratch out a list of intentions, hoping to will into existence the future we think we want. There are lots of reasons to be anxious about the future. Global warming, drones, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the failure to deal with … Continue reading What will the future bring?

One step forward, ten steps backward? #LoveWins #MarriageEquality

While the decision today by SCOTUS is a huge victory for lesbians and gays in the United States, it is troubling how Justice Kennedy’s decision elevates marriage to the level of the supernatural. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once … Continue reading One step forward, ten steps backward? #LoveWins #MarriageEquality

Husband? Wife? What’s In a Name?

Getting married and calling oneself married – are they different things, or just two sides of the same coin? My research on same-sex marriages in the 50s, 60s and 70s is driven by a desire to understand what draws people to the act of saying “I do,” so I am most interested in wedding ceremonies such as this one between Millie and Jean Carbollo in … Continue reading Husband? Wife? What’s In a Name?

Were same-sex weddings in Philadelphia a “thing”?

The last time I went on an archives trip for this project it was to the ONE institute Archives in Los Angeles where I had the good fortune of being the first to see an amazing set of photos of a wedding ceremony that took place in Philadelphia in the mid-1950s. You can read the fascinating story of how they came to be at the … Continue reading Were same-sex weddings in Philadelphia a “thing”?

Historian comments on Ireland’s Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

For years I have complained that social historians are all too rarely called upon to comment on current events. Well, I got called. Truth is they didn’t know I am a historian, so that might explain why, but I got my opportunity to offer my wise and thoughtful (!) reflections on the meaning of Ireland’s referendum. Here it is, spot the historical depth if you can! The … Continue reading Historian comments on Ireland’s Same-Sex Marriage Referendum