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Why do universities persistently fail to address sexual violence?

The now infamous Miss Pinkham #SweaterDay video brought international attention to Simon Fraser University (SFU) in a way that undermines the hard work that has gone into building SFU’s reputation as a world-class university. This may be about to happen all over again. Earlier this spring the provincial government ordered all universities in British Columbia to develop a stand-alone Sexual Violence policy. Recent events at … Continue reading Why do universities persistently fail to address sexual violence?

#IWD2016, The Outlaws to Inlaws Version

It’s International Women’s Day today, and in celebration of that fact I am sharing the cover of one of the earliest issues of the radical feminist newspaper off our backs. The image of a bride laying in a coffin pretty much sums up what radical feminism was about: killing off patriarchy and rebuilding society based on who women really were, not what patriarchy, and it’s … Continue reading #IWD2016, The Outlaws to Inlaws Version

When your institution “gets” sexism

On February 3rd it came to the attention of many faculty at Simon Fraser University that there existed an incredibly sexist video created for the purpose of promoting “Sweater Day.” People were quick to draw it to the attention of the administration who promptly took the video down. In an email from the newly minted Vice President of External Communications, Joanne Curry, the video was … Continue reading When your institution “gets” sexism

When your institution treats you like a sex object

Later today I will be talking on CBC’s “On the Coast” about the sexualization of female faculty. This interview was prompted by Simon Fraser University’s video promoting “Sweater Day.” In the video, which you can watch below, a female teacher is in her office — she is supposed to depict an instructor but is addressed as “Miss Pinkham,” not Doctor or Professor — and a young male … Continue reading When your institution treats you like a sex object

Kate Millet

The “Sex” In Sexual Revolution

One of the best things about coming out as a lesbian in 1989 was that for the first time in my life wanting and having sex was a positive, not a negative, value. As a teenager I thoroughly enjoyed heterosexual sex, but I struggled with deeply internalized Christian values that held me a sinner of the worst kind, and was subject to the cruel and … Continue reading The “Sex” In Sexual Revolution