Recent Work in Digital Humanities

Archives of Lesbian Oral History

Lesbians have been excluded from the official historical record, but their experiences tell a great deal about the past. They reveal what it meant for a woman to desire and love other women, and to survive and resist against a culture that treated them as sinful and deviant. Their stories open a window onto a world that once was, and help us imagine a world that might yet be. The Archives of Lesbian Oral History collects and makes available the oral histories of people who presently or at one time identified as lesbian. Contact us to find out more about how to donate your oral history collection.


Interracial Intimacies

Interracial Intimacies is a website based on a research project that studied intimate relationships between men of Chinese heritage and women of non-Asian heritage in Toronto between 1910 and 1950. The site has two components: an archives which contains all of the research materials used for this project, including the interviews conducted by historian Elise Chenier and an article published in the scholarly history journal Urban History Review, and “Thinking Like a Historian”.