Research and Writing

I undertake traditional historical research, and I also work in the digital humanities. My interest in history stems from the conviction that understanding the past will help us figure out how we got to where we are now. Knowledge of the past is essential in our work for social justice. The internet and digital technologies allows each of us to share out knowledge and ideas broadly. For scholars, that means extending the reach or our work beyond our colleagues and students. The digital humanities is yet another tool in our toolkit for working toward social change.


Scholarly Publications

Strangers in Our Midst: Sexual Deviancy in Postwar Ontario. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2008


Refereed Articles

2016 “Reclaiming the Lesbian Archives: How Web 2.0 Tools Can Bridge the Gap between University and Community,” Oral History Review (forthcoming)
“Freak Wedding!: Interpreting Lesbian Marriages of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.”Journal of Women’s History (revised and resubmitted)
2015 “Privacy Anxieties: Ethics versus Activism in Archiving Lesbian History Online,” Radical History Review, no. 122 (Spring): 129-141.
2014 “Oral History and Open Access: Fulfilling the Promise of Democratizing Knowledge,” New American Notes Online, no. 5 (July).

“Sex, Intimacy, and Desire among Men of Chinese Heritage and Women of Non-Asian Heritage in Toronto, 1910 to 1950,” Urban History Review/Revue d’histoire urbaine 42, no. 2 (June): 29-43.

2012 “The Natural Order of Disorder: Pedophilia, Stranger Danger and the Normalising Family,” Sexuality & Culture 16, no. 2: 172-186.
2009 “Class, Gender, and the Social Standard: The Montreal Junior League, 1912-1939,” Canadian Historical Review 90, no. 4 (December): 671-710.
“Hidden from Historians: Preserving Lesbian Oral History in Canada,” Archivaria 68 (Fall): 247-270. Reprinted in The Canadian Oral History Reader, edited by Kristina Llewellyn, Alexander Freund, and Nolan Reilly. McGill-Queen’s University Press (forthcoming, 2015)
2004 “Rethinking Class in Lesbian Bar Culture: Living ‘the Gay Life’ in Toronto, 1955-1965,” Left History 9, no. 2 (Spring/Summer): 85-118. Reprinted in Rethinking Canada: The Promise of Women’s History, 4th, 5th and 6th eds. Current edition edited by Adele Perry and Mona Gleason. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
2003 “The Criminal Sexual Psychopath in Canada: Sex, Psychiatry and the Law at Mid-Century,” Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 20, no. 1: 75-101.Reprinted in Queerly Canadian: An Introductory Reader in Sexuality Studies, edited by Maureen Fitzgerald and Scott Rayter. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 2012.
2000 “Seeing Red: Immigrant Women and Sexual Danger in Cold War Canada,” Atlantis: A Women’s Studies Journal 24, no. 2 (Spring): 51-60.

Book Chapters

2015 “Liberating Marriage: Gay Liberation and Same-Sex Marriage in Early 1970s Canada,” in Activating Resistance: Remembering and Re-Thinking Sex/Gender Activism, edited by Patrizia Gentile, Pauline Rankin and Gary Kinsman (forthcoming, University of British Columbia Press)
2003 “Segregating Sexualities: The Prison ‘Sex Problem’ in Twentieth-Century Canada and the United States,” in Isolation: Places and Practices of Exclusion, edited by Carolyn Strange and Alison Bashford, 71-85. New York: Routledge.

Non-Refereed Publications

2015 “Sex Work and the Ward’s Bachelor Society,” in The Ward: The Life and Loss of Toronto’s First Immigrant Neighbourhood, edited by John Lorinc et al., 259-263. Toronto: Coach House Press.
2010 “CHA Roundtable on the 2008 John A. MacDonald Prize Winner, Gatekeepers,” Histoire sociale/Social History 43, no. 85 (Mai-May): 241-257.
2010 “The Natural Order of Disorder: Paedophilia, Incest and the Normalising Family,” in Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Psychological, Legal and Cultural Examination of Sex and Sexuality, edited by H. Gavin & J. Bent, 35-44. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.
2015 Foreword of Queer Mobilizations: Social Movement Activism and Canadian Public Policy, edited by Manon Tremblay, et al., vii-ix. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

“ An Online Interactive Archives and Teaching Tool,” invited blog post, NOTCHES: (re)marks on the history of sexuality.

2014 Chapter introductions in The Bridge Generation: A Queer Elders’ Chronicle from No Rights to Civil Rights,by Quirk-e Kollective, edited by Clair Robson and Kelsey Blairby (Vancouver).19 pages.
“Why We Shouldn’t Invoke Jim Crow to Fight LGBT Issues,” reprinted from Outlaws to Inlaws: Posts from my Critical Approaches to Same-Sex Marriage Research Archives
2011 “Coming Out: Re-Engaging the Radical,” invited contribution to the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ “Equality Matters” blog.
“Gay Marriage, 1970s Style,” Gay and Lesbian Review, March-April 2013, 19-21.
2001 “Tabloid Taboos,” Xtra! (Toronto, ON), May 16, 2001.
2000 “‘I’ll be waiting for you,’” Xtra! 420, (November 20, 2000): 18.
1995 “Gender, Sexuality, and the Schoolyard,” in Lesbian Parenting: Living with Pride and Prejudice, edited by Katherine Arnup, 188-196. Prince Edward Island: Gynergy Books.
1994 “The Cultivation of Queerness: Parenting My Way Into the 21st century,” In Resist!: Essays against a Homophobic Culture, edited by Mona Oikawa, Dionne Falconer, and Ann Decter, 121-123.. Toronto: Women’s Press.