Sex Workers Rights at a Historic Crossroads

After spending the spring working on an online archives and teaching tool – check out the results at soon! – I am back to working on my book on same-sex marriage in the 50s, 60s and 70s in the United States, and not a moment too soon. Out in the contemporary world, the big news in Canada on the sexual justice front is the … Continue reading Sex Workers Rights at a Historic Crossroads

Are there degrees out ‘outness’?

In the history of lesbian and gay politics, historians put a lot of stock in whether or not the people we study were “out.” But what exactly does “out” mean? This past week I interviewed Robert W. Wood, author of 1960 book Christ and the Homosexual Wood is a retired United Church of Christ (formerly Congregationalist Church) minister who knew since high school that he … Continue reading Are there degrees out ‘outness’?

Research’s Circuitous Route

Click through for larger This past weekend Elise flew to Boston on a last-minute research trip.  Unfortunately in the rush to get to the archives she left her computer at the airport security check point. This Monday she sends a pictogram to explain research’s circuitous route. originally from elisechenier@dreamdwidth, crossposted to outlawstoinlaws@dreamwidth, a community for sharing and discussing same-sex marriage before 1980. Like the Elise … Continue reading Research’s Circuitous Route